First test photogrammetry

General / 01 April 2018

Documenting my venture into photogrammetry as a newbie. The eventual goal is to be able scan my own poses and anatomy as reference for my own figure sculpting work, as well as to create my own library of scanned textures. All of which I plan to attain in the most economically viable solution possible.

Here's my first test.

The biggest issue I have right now is the amount of time it takes to shoot to get a good scan. Burst mode or continuous shooting could not work with the slow shutterspeeds on my mid-end consumer mirrorless camera that is at the mercy of a tripod. I could either buy a much more expensive one, like a full frame camera that can also handle a little camera shake better and focus faster so you won't need a tripod to do continuous shooting mode, or buy an expensive handheld structural light scanner which will drain your wallet.